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Subjects Taught
6th Grade Literacy, 6th Grade Mathematics, 6th Grade Science, 6th Grade Social Studies, 7th Grade Literacy, 7th Grade Mathematics, 7th Grade Science, 7th Grade Social Studies, 8th Grade Literacy, 8th Grade Mathematics, 8th Grade Science, 8th Grade Social Studies


I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education and Bachelor of Business
Administration--Management. I have obtained my Master of Special Education, Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction: Mathematics, completed some coursework for Curriculum and Instruction: Reading and currently working on Doctorate in Teacher Leadership. I will continue ongoing training to keep informed on any updates in the education field.


I have thirteen years experience working with individuals with mental and physical limitations. It has proven to be the most rewarding job in my work history.

At Stewart Middle School, I was welcomed into a family that has the success of the students as the primary goal for our existence as teachers.

I am currently located at Chestnut Log Middle School. This family has also welcomed me and my abilities. I have a wonderful group of co-workers, students and parents.


My name is Ruth Buckley and I am originally from Mississippi.  My family relocated to Georgia in 2007.

Spouse: I am married to Robert Buckley who also resided in Mississippi.

Siblings:I have four sisters and one brother.

Children:I have two sons that attended Alexander High School.  Demetrius is currently works at supervior for a security agency and Jabari currently works in sheet metal and just finished a winning season wih Sioux Fall Storm in South Dakota.

Recreation:I like to read Christian Romance novels and self help magazines.  I like most kinds of music especially gospel. Football is my favorite sport which is also a family interest.

I currently attend New Mountaintop Baptist Church in Winston, GA.