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Subjects Taught
6th Grade Gifted Social Studies, 6th Grade Social Studies



Bachelor of Arts in; Business Administration, Economics, History.


American Intercontinental University

Masters in Education Technology.


Certifications under Georgia’s Highly Qualified Standards.


I am certified to teach middle school math, science, and Social Studies, as well as High school Behavioral Science, History, Economics, Geography, and Political Science.


I gained my gifted certification in 2015.



I have 10 Years of experience in the telecom industry, where I was a corporate trainer for 7 of those years.  I have worked for US Sprint, AT&T, and WorldCom.  I was also an employee of the Cobb County Police Department for 4 years. 


I joined the Chestnut Log staff in 2006 teaching 6th grade math.  My wife Angela and I were married in 1997.  My son Brad is 30 and designs phone apps for a living.  My other son Cameron is a freshman majoring in bio-chemistry at Kennesaw state university .  We also have a dog named Jasper, and a cat named Rue.