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Engaging Science Teacher Ms. Castelluzo!
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Friday, January 06, 2017
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Engaging Teacher Spotlight! This is our first featured spotlight on an engaging science teacher in DCSS of many to come in 2017! 

8th grade Science classroom at Chestnut Log Middle School taught by Tina Castelluzzo was featured as a Engaging lesson for Middle School Science. Ms. Castelluzo was introducing atomic structure to her students. During her lesson, she used two engaging activities that were both engaging and interactive: Students modeling protons, neutrons, and elec...trons and using the mnemonic "A=P=E   M-A=N" to teach the relationship between protons, neutrons, and electrons in neutral atoms: Atomic Number= Protons= Electrons; Mass Number - Atomic Number = Neutrons.  Once the letters were discussed she had the students apply this information by calculating the number of neutrons of different elements on the periodic table. Way to go Ms. Castelluzo!

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